This page has music links to sheet music, backing tracks, and videos. I’ve tried to include the composer’s name and tune origin, although it’s often difficult to find out who originally wrote these tunes. If you are concerned about a tune arrangement that I have attributed to the Creative Commons 3.0 License, please contact me immediately. The PDF’s and MP3’s are created by me, but there are additional links to external websites where you can purchase the sheet music and audio files from the original creator if the music is still subject to copyrights.

A Note about the License column:
“Creative Commons, CC” = files are attributed to the Creative Commons 3.0 License
“Copyright, C” = Music is subject to copyrights and files are not available without special permissions
Please read more about the licenses Here.

Some of the PDF’s and MP3’s do not have live links and are coming soon!

Below is the list of music in alphabetical order:

TitleComposerOriginYT LinkSheet
License Tutorial
TitleComposerOriginYT LinkSheet
Arkansas Traveler + Doctor DoctorTraditionalU.S. AmericanYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--
Banks of SpeyWilliam MarshallScottishYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CCBanks of Spey Tutorial
BarcarolleJacques OffenbachFrenchYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--
Beautiful DreamerStephen FosterU.S. AmericanYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--
Blackberry BlossomArthur Smith
Arr. Craig Duncan
U.S. AmericanYTLink----Copyright, C--
Carol of the BellsMykola LeontovychUkrainian--------Creative Commons, CCCarol of the Bells Tutorial
Brahms' Lullaby /
Cradle Song
Johannes BrahmsGermanYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--
Clarinet PolkaA. Humpfat or
Karol Namysłowski
Austrian or
YTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--
Cliffs of Moher
+ Star of Munster
TraditionalIrishYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--
Coleraine JigTraditionalIrishYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--
Dancing BearBob McQuillenU.S. AmericanYT------Copyright, CDancing Bear Tutorial
Da Slockit LightTom AndersonShetlandYT------Copyright, C--
Double LariateAgoaniki-PJapaneseYT------Copyright, C--
Drunken SailorTraditionalSea ShantyYTPDFMP3Piano Intro. MP3
Silent Intro. MP3
Creative Commons, CC--
Electric Daisy ViolinLindsey Stirling and
Marko Glogolja
U.S. AmericanYTLink----Copyright, CIf allowed..hopefully coming soon!
Habanera, from CarmenGeorges BizetFrenchYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--
Halloween ReelEd PearlmanU.S. AmericanYT------Copyright, C--
Jingle BellsJames PierpontU.S. AmericanYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--
LibertyTraditionalU.S. AmericanYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--
Little Fountain (The)Samuel O. PrattU.S. AmericanYTLink----Copyright, C--
Morrison's JigMaurice Carmody?IrishYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CCMorrison's Tutorial
Pachelbel Meets St. NicholasJohann Pachelbel
James Lord Pierpont
German and
U.S. American
YTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC
Paddy on the Turnpike
+ Tommy's Tarbukas
+ Alasdair Fraser
+ Scottish
YT------Copyright, CPaddy on the Turnpike Tutorial
Tommy's Tarbukas Tutorial
St. Anne's Reel +
Sally Gardens
TraditionalCanadian +
YTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--
Salut d’Amour - Liebesgruß
(Love’s Greeting)
Edward ElgarEnglishYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--
Scully's Reel
+ Farewell to Chernobyl
+ Michel Ferry
+ French
YT------Copyright, CFarewell to Chernobyl Tutorial
Si Bheag Si MhorTurlough O'CarolanIrishYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--
Silver and Gold Two-StepTraditionalU.S. American (?)YTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--
Skye Boat SongSir Harold BoultonScottishYTPDFMP3Vln. Acc. MP3
No Vln. Acc. MP3
Creative Commons, CC--
SPONGEWalter C. SimonU.S. AmericanYTPDFMP3MP3 VS1
Creative Commons, CC--
Super Mario Bros ThemeKoji KondoJapaneseYT------Copyright, C--
Swallowtail JigTraditionalIrishYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CCSwallowtail Jig Tutorial
Tam Lin
/ Glasgow Reel
Davey Arthur?IrishYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CCTam Lin Tutorial
White Cockade (The)
+ Flowers of Edinburgh
TraditionalScottishYTPDFMP3MP3Creative Commons, CC--