The Music page lists all of the tunes that I have been playing. Many have been attributed to the Creative Commons License 3.0. The Creative Commons 3.0 License means you are free to adapt and share (even commercially) the works so long as proper credits are given (such as a link back to this website). Files under this license are designated with “Creative Commons, CC” in the “License” column.

However, not all of the songs I have posted on YouTube are from the Public Domain or Creative Commons.  YouTube is a special case in that they have negotiated blanket “synchronization licenses” with many music producers, but I have not negotiated a “print license” to distribute sheet music of my arrangements of the original music.  Works that only have a YouTube Link, or have links to external sheet music sources have copyrights that belong to the original creator.  These works are designated with “Copyright, C” in the “License” column.

Print licenses are difficult to obtain, and I hope to one day post the sheet music arrangements, but it is a lengthy process, and the posted sheet music may not be free because of necessary royalty payments.

If you are concerned about an item that I have listed as belonging to the Creative Commons License 3.0, please contact me immediately so we can resolve the issue.